Thank you! The Dance was a Success!

THANK YOU to everyone who made this first Social Dance such a joyous success: Rebecca Gold for the inspiration, grant-writing, and follow-through; Mary Berle and Nan Thompson for their support, vision, and logistics; musicians Kip Beacco, Joshua Briggs, Michael Gillespie, Juraye Moran, Rob Putnam, and Lucas Schwartz who donated their time and skill; parent callers Gretchen Gnaedinger, Rebecca Honig, Joshua Briggs; PE dance teachers Jessica Pleu and Tina Soule; PTA volunteers Randi Craft, Andrea Gerber, Alii Heller, Patty Melville, Betlinn Taft-Young, & Tiffany Wilding-White; Ed Shaw and our custodial crew for the extra cleanup; Price Chopper giving us napkins and cups; and Nejaime’s Wine Cellar for generously donating the cheese.

Mark April 29th  2016 in your calendar for the next dance.

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