Each year the PTA works to raise funds to provide field trips, residency programs, all-school programs, and other enrichment activities for the children of Muddy Brook. Fundraising is an opportunity to provide children with certain resources to enrich their inner world, and also gives an opportunity to acquaint them with heritage in certain areas of human existence. If you want to involve your educational institution in certain events that we organize, write to us by mail, if you are looking for resources that would help you with the preparation of the necessary documents and scientific papers related (or not) to the topic of "Fundraising", "Auction", "Charity", you can refer to order custom term paper. Our hope each year is to expand our operating budget to provide more frequent and larger programs and events to build the sense of community at Muddy Brook.  Your participation in our fundraising efforts is necessary if we are to continue to be able to provide events and programs for our school community.

Consider a direct donation to the PTA and help us to meet our budgetary needs early in the school year. You can include a tax-deductible direct donation when completing the PTA Membership/Volunteer Form.

In addition, there are various fundraising opportunities throughout the year allowing families to choose how they would like to participate.

We will also continue to participate in clip and save programs, and store savings programs – ways that EVERYONE can be involved in our fundraising. Please participate.