The Muddy Brook PTA: Building Community, Enriching Education

What We Do

We host community events, raise funds for field trips and in-school programs, provide funds for classroom materials, and work as a liaison between families and Muddy Brook teachers and staff, in order to be aware of children's wishes and their cultural development. It is also worth mentioning that the responsibility is not only on us, but, as already mentioned, on teachers and parents, who must involve both children and take the initiative themselves. For a more detailed analysis of children's imitation and picking up habits, you can read in specialized literature, or order a paper from

Host events and programs that help to provide a sense of community at Muddy Brook and the greater Berkshire community, including:
· Muddy Brook Meet-Ups
· Back to School Ice Cream Social
· Family Game Nights
· Community Dances
· Grade-level Potluck Dinners
· Read-a-Thon
· Holiday Craft Workshop
· Storyteller Family Workshop
· Mud Day
· 4th Grade Moving Up Ceremony

Provide funding to enhance and enrich the school experience for MBE students through delivery and support of innovative programs that inspire creativity and spark the imagination of our students in ways not traditionally addressed by regular classroom instruction. These funds cover field trips, in school residency programs, and arts and cultural day programs, including:
· School Field Trips: Mahaiwe (Pre-K, EK, K, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade), Ashley House (2nd Grade), MassMOCA (2nd Grade), Hancock Shaker Village (1st Grade), Berkshire Botanical Garden (1st Grade), CT Science Center (4th Grade)
· 4th Grade Berkshire Theater Group program
· Teacher grants for special projects (e.g. 4th Grade Mexican Masks)
· 2nd Grade Flying Cloud residency
· Performers at assemblies (Storyteller, Mumbet)

Raise funds to provide stipends to support educational expenses in the classroom, including:
· Classroom Materials
· Literacy Materials
· Books for Enrichment

And much more…
As a member of the Muddy Brook PTA, you are a voice for our students and can truly make a difference in every child’s experience. There are so many ways your participation can help make a huge difference for our school! This year it is our hope to get EVERYONE involved. In order to do this, we are asking you to donate 2 hours of your time over the course of the entire school year to help us with one of our efforts. We have something for everyone, whether you prefer to be behind-the-scenes or out meeting new people. If we work together and give just a little of our time and talent, we can show our students that we all value the learning environment at Muddy Brook.

We’d Like to Hear From You
The Muddy Brook PTA acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas between parents, teachers, and community members to help support and enrich the lives of students at Muddy Brook.
We would like to encourage participation and membership in the PTA so that we can grow and broaden the scope of what we are able to do and provide. We are working toward improving effective avenues of communication, formalizing the distribution of our funds, and developing effective, innovative, and lucrative fundraisers.

Have any thoughts, feedback, ideas, questions? Contact us via this form or post on our Facebook page. We’d really like to hear from you.