Officers and Committees

Become an officer, coordinator, or just be a part of the PTA and you join a team of volunteers whose mission is to support and enhance the educational experience of your child and the greater school community.If you worry that you will not be able to fulfill your duties properly, do not worth it! Our employees will advise you and supervise your activities. If you are not sure about the completed documentation or any other written activity, buy term papers online.


President  (2016-2017, Adrienne Rynes)

Presides at all monthly general and executive meetings (create meeting agendas, meet with administration to determine necessary agenda items)

Meets regularly with the school administration and acts as a liaison between the administration and the membership of the PTA. Makes sure that proper procedures are followed in developing PTA events and programs at the school

Coordinates the work of the officers and committees of the PTA in order that the vision for the PTA and the school be maintained

Works with the treasurer to complete all necessary Massachusetts PTA forms as well as federal tax forms. New officers must be reported to the state PTA by June 30th

Coordinates with all committee chairpersons to create documents for each event, approves them, and submits facilities use requests to the main office

Acts as co-signer on checks over $50

Co-Vice Presidents  (2016-2017, Rebecca Honig and Patty Melville)

Acts as aide to the president

Performs the duties of the president in the president’s absence or inability to serve

Treasurer  (2015-2017,  Randi Craft)

Maintains the checking account and all financials for the PTA

Maintains a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures of the PTA

Makes disbursements as authorized by the president or executive board or the PTA in accordance with the budget adopted by the PTA

Has all checks for amounts in excess of $50 signed by two people – the treasurer and one other person (signer is typically the president)

Notifies the Massachusetts PTA Office of the PTA’s Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Keeps all records of national and state portions of the membership dues separate from the records of the general fund of the PTA

Forwards the state and national portion of the membership dues to the Massachusetts PTA Office on or before November 1 along with names and addresses of members. Additional membership dues should be submitted on a monthly basis thereafter

Presents a written financial statement at every meeting of the PTA and at other times when requested by the executive board

Presents an annual treasurer’s report to the PTA at the annual meeting

Has the accounts reviewed, when a person who has signature authority leaves the board

If annual gross receipts exceed $50,000 completes IRS form 990 or 990EZ with a Schedule A. If gross receipts are under $50,000 form 990-N (e-postcard) can be submitted electronically (September)

Files form PC with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, submitting required forms at the beginning of the school year

Secretary  (2016-2017, Cory Ziobro)

Records the minutes of all meetings of the PTA and submits them to the communications coordinator to be posted on the PTA website; maintains all minutes and agendas in a binder

Writes “Thank you” notes for donations received outside of specific fundraisers. Writes correspondence as necessary

Maintains a current copy of the bylaws (bylaws approved by the state within the last three (3) years are considered current)

Co-Fundraising Coordinators  (2015-16, Open Position)

Oversees the fundraising efforts of the PTA

Develops a master list of Berkshire businesses and keeps track of all businesses and organizations that have been solicited throughout the year and what they have donated to each event

Assists different committees in establishing consistent fundraising efforts throughout the year

Helps to coordinate the fundraising components of each PTA event

Develops a set of fundraising guidelines for the year consistent with the school district’s guidelines

Maintains a list of volunteers willing to solicit businesses for different fundraising opportunities

Responsible for overseeing annual Online Auction

Explore grant opportunities for the PTA

Communications Coordinator  (2015-2016 Open Position)

Creates and distributes the bi-monthly PTA newsletter using information received from the various committee chairs and officers

Maintains the PTA Facebook page

Checks that all photos used in newsletters, web site, and Facebook page do not violate student privacy restrictions (written permission from parent/guardian)

Compiles information for distribution to the Muddy Brook School bi-monthly newsletter

Compiles information for the monthly Local Yokel, West Stockbridge newsletter

Website Coordinator (2015-17, Hillary Howard)

Maintains the PTA web site

Rewards Coordinator  (2015-16, Open Position)

Rewards programs include: Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education, My Coke Rewards for Schools, Tyson Project A+, Price Chopper Tools for Schools, Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards and Big Y Education Express

Weekly collection of submissions from school bin

Sorting, organizing and submission to various programs

Photocopying of Box Tops collection sheets monthly

Creation of flyers to promote challenges (3 times a year) and promote specials

Execution of rewards for winning classroom or grade level

Updates weekly newsletters when relevant (alternating bi-monthly newsletters from school and PTA) with news of specials, reports and promotions of programs

End of year – ordering items from Price Chopper catalog with points earned

Data entry of Coke codes

Meeting with Principal to discuss redemption of points earned

Bulletin Board Outreach (2015-16, Patty Melville)

Bulletin board updates with posters and challenges

New Family Welcome Ambassadors  (2015-16, Open Position)

One member representing each grade to reach out to new families to invite conversation, answer questions, and meet-up

Classroom Parent Coordinator  (2015-16, Open Position)

Communicates with the classroom parents (2 parents per class)

Teacher Services Coordinator  (2015-16, Open Position)

Acts as a liaison between the teachers and the membership of the PTA

Oversees  teacher appreciation events, such as Welcome Back Luncheon and In-Service (Fall) Lunch

Oversees Teacher Appreciation Week events

Oversees weekly staff-room appreciation items

Health and Wellness Coordinator  (2015-16, Open Position)

Creates and oversees Health and Wellness events for students and staff

Membership Coordinator (2015-16, Open Position)

Files and retains all membership records

Maintains a membership list, with names and addresses of members and submits this list to the state PTA as due

Help recruit and retain members and encourage the board to do so

Make it easy for people to become PTA members

Distribute Membership cards and help members to learn how to activate them

Explores membership benefits of National PTA and informs members

Volunteer Coordinator  (2015-16, Open Position)

Coordinates volunteer efforts for events

Creates thank you process for volunteers

Mud Day Committee Co-Chairs  (2015-16, Open Position)

Oversees Mud Day events

Winter Wonderland Committee Chair   (2015-16, Open Position)

Oversees Winter Wonderland events

Winter Family Dance Committee Chair   (2015-16, Rebecca Gold)

Oversees Winter Family Dance event

Event Photographer  (2015-16, Open Position)

Photographs events for use on PTA web site, Facebook, publications, and archives

Checks that all photos used in newsletters, web site, and Facebook page do not violate student privacy restrictions (written permission from parent/guardian)

Spirit Wear Coordinator  (2015-16, Open Position)

Coordinate spirit wear orders 3 times per year or as needed. This includes distributing forms to students, collecting forms, tallying orders and monies, placing orders, and distributing spirit wear

Bulletin Board Outreach  (2015-16, Open Position)

Updates school bulletin board with upcoming events, highlights, contact information, volunteerism, etc.

Other PTA Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome Back Ice Cream Social, K/PK Potluck, Movie Nights, Family Game Nights, Holiday Craft Workshops, Read-A-Thon, Literacy Night, School Committee Liaison, Teacher Appreciation Week, Classroom Parent Volunteers, Fourth Grade Moving-Up Ceremony, and our Student Directory


Contact us if you’re interested in a specific position or we can help you find the right type of volunteering that suits your time, preferences and schedule.