Box Tops for Education

What are Box Tops?

We all shop for groceries, sometimes once or twice a week – or more. Now turn those shopping trips into easy cash for our school, and encourage friends to do the same! Such cooperation with an educational institution indicates the involvement of students in the environmental problems of our time. That is, when children are told about a certain competition, as well as the prize that they can get at the end, they are also told about the goals and results. Goal: collect logos. The result: less waste, instead recycling and benefiting our planet. If you also want to join such initiatives, you need to present information correctly so that it is not only objective, but also interesting, for this, contact Just look for the Box Tops logo on hundreds of products like Cheerios®, Yoplait®, and Kleenex®, in almost every aisle of the store. All you need to do is clip and send them to your school’s Box Tops coordinator – each one is worth 10¢ for your school.

They look like this:

Now that you know, you’ll see them everywhere! Just cut them out, tape them onto the ‘Box Tops Challenges’ sheets that will come home with your child from school every few months from the PTA. Your child might enjoy cutting and taping them too. Send them back in your child’s backpack by the deadline or when they are full: the school gets cash and your child’s class might win a special treat!

Visit for more information about the program and participating products.

Try the new BoxTop Bonus App to earn even more!



The September Collection Challenge is Live!