Treasurer’s Report from General PTA Meeting June 12, 2013

17 June

2012-2013 Treasurer’s Report 6 12 2013Treasurer's Report

June 12th – General PTA Meeting – Treasurer’s Report


-Afterschool Program for Spring #2 is complete for Project Connection.  The $4380 disbursement is due to expenses for teachers and supplies - to be reimbursed with the 21st Century Grant.  A donation of $200 was received toward Project Connection from NBT Bank.

-Mud Day totals: Admission/Raffle Tickets/Activities netted $2825, Food netted $557, Merchandise netted $1045.  Over 800 attended.

-Berkshire Theater Group was paid $2500 for the program they put on with the 4th grade students.

-A subsidy of $900 was awarded by the Mahaiwe Theater to offset the bussing costs for field trips made by the K,1st,2nd and 3rd grade students.

-4th grade students took a field trip to the Connecticut Science Museum in Hartford.  The PTA is funding this trip and $1475 has been paid so far for admission, with an additional$625 to be paid toward Massini Bus costs.

-Teacher stipends are currently at $5181 in payouts.  Only 5 of the 48 eligible teachers have not taken all or part of their stipend.

-Additional spending (approved at 6/12/13 meeting) – $3000 Engineering is Elementary kits for all grades, $2000 iPad support and professional development, $500 subscriptions for publications for Intervention students, $500 for childcare for teachers to attend Writer’s Workshop curriculum professional development this summer, $215.45 for book fairy.  These additions will leave the PTA checking/saving accounts with approx. $5000 for carryover to next year.

-Currently there are 109 PTA members.

-Balance available in all accounts is $7795.13. ($4380 is due from BHRSD/Project Connection)