Treasurer’s Report from General PTA Meeting on May 8, 2013

28 May

Treasurer's Report2012-2013 Treasurer’s Report 5 8 2013

May 8th – General PTA Meeting – Treasurer’s Report


The greyed areas are the events completed for the year.

-Afterschool Program for Spring #1 is complete for Project Connection.  A net total of $2500 was paid out in support of the program (in lieu of Technology Development).  The additional monies in/out were due to expenses for teachers and supplies – subsequently reimbursed with the 21st Century Grant.

-Mud Day merchandise has been purchased to sell during pre-sale and at Mud Day on May 18.

-The auction proceeds from AX and Discover transactions was received for $2700.  A small balance remains from uncollectable credit card transactions.  These will be paid to the PTA by check.

-Rewards – a check from Box Tops was received for $884.

-Mass Audubon was paid $3375 for the program given to the (5) 2nd grade classes.

-Currently there are 109 PTA members.

-Balance available in all accounts is $11042.64.