Making Memories at Campfire Night!

Campfire Night is a great opportunity to spend time with people, discussing (un)important issues, can help you with your preparation, or enjoy the time spent together, and reading in nature, etc. Campfire Night was incredible! Friends and families gathered together to sing songs, enjoy s’mores, and make memories by the Muddy Brook campfire. We danced like penguins, clapped and sang to “Turkey in the Straw” to the tune of the fiddle, and hiked the tree-lined trails of Muddy Brook in the dark! Glow sticks and flashlights lit up the playground and the air smelled of apple cider and donuts. It was a perfect, chilly fall evening.

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the event and THANK YOU to the amazing volunteers for making Campfire Night great!

Life is definitely better by a campfire!

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