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Campbell's Labels for Education

Enrichment Programs


- All school field trip to see Mummenschantz at the Mahaiwe Theater

- K-1st Grade trip to Strega Nona at the Mahaiwe Theater

-4th grade BTF Plays! In school residency program ($2500)

- Community Events:  2 Family Game Nights, Welcome Back Ice Cream Social

- After School Programs

- Winter Wonderland and Holiday Craft Workshop

-4th grade field trip to Mt Greylock and Mass MOCA ($1054)

-3rd grade field trip to the Mahaiwe to see the Chinese Acrobats ($712)

-3rd grade Mass Audubon program and field trip ($1650)

-2nd grade trip to Pleaseant Valley Nature Sanctuary ($487)

-International peace day  $150

-Meet the musician $950  This program features actor/musician Dennis Kobray impersonating Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to teach the music, feelings, life and history of one of the world’s most famous composers. Mr. Kobray strikes chords that children can understand and adults appreciate.

-Roger Essley $2842 writers workshop for the 4th grade classes

-Audubon program $2200  a year The Audubon Program is presented to the 2nd grade classes annually. Originally paid for by a grant, this is now funded by the PTA. This is a twelve-week program that allows the children to learn about animals’ habitats, behaviors and more.

-Berkshire Botanical Gardens trips and in school programs $500

-4th grade program with Mike Kachuba – music mixed with other curriculum areas   $2000

-3rd Grade Mumbet programs and Ashley House trips $450

-Victoria Christgau- 4th grade $950 Victoria Christgau -She represents an emerging not-for-profit organization. Their goal is to study and apply the Kingian Philosophy and teachings of Nonviolence through Education and the Arts in order to foster harmonious relationships within families, schools, and communities. THEIR MISSION: To help build a world of mutual understanding among people where nonviolence processes are used to reconcile conflict and strengthen the quality of family and community life.

-Museum of Science co-sponsored with Donna Astion’s budget $140 programs for grades 3 and K

-Albany Ballet Nutcracker $950 Albany Ballet Nutcracker – excerpts from the Nutcracker

-Youth Alive  $500 Youth Alive dance and drumming group from Pittsfield brought in for black history month

-Halloween Spooktacular $150 helped sponsor a Halloween event with the middle school Halloween spooktacular $150 helped sponsor a Halloween event with the middle school

-Grumbling Gryphons-  $1500 Grumbling Gryphons-  all school completely interactive production about the environment. Each student was involved- there were materials and projects for the students and teachers to work with before the performance date

-Mobile Ed Productions Lights, Camera, Action $650– An interactive program highlighting the process of television production.  The final result was a dvd of the entire newscast presented by the students at MBE for the whole school.  $650

-Mobile Ed Productions Sky Dome- $650 Mobile Ed Productions Sky Dome-portable planetarium program for the entire school!

-Mobile Ed Productions-Parts Is Parts-interactive look at the human body $645

-Berkshire Museum- $304 Berkshire Museum- for 1st grade classes
-Clark Institute-we pay for buses for Rick to take the students depends on gas prices

-Chinese Acrobats- $950

-Arm of the Sea  $1850 Arm of the Sea-interactive multi-day program for 3rd grade

-Hilltop Orchards $60.00 pre-k field trip   $60.00

-Ioka Farms  $328.50 Kindergarten trip $328.50