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    Why Join the PTA?

    When you become a member of the Muddy Brook PTA, your membership dollars go directly to support community events like our Ice Cream Social, Movie Nights, and June Family BBQ.  National and State PTA membership gives you access to discounts from T Mobile, New England Revolution Soccer, Sharp Electronics, Barnes & Noble, and Southwest Vacations. You must understand that every person or organization that joins the project is a great contribution to our efforts. We want to provide each institution and each child with appropriate conditions and create fond memories that will please in the future. If you are worried about the experience, you can contact for theoretical points and our volunteers for practical advice. Click here for details.

    We are working to provide out PTA members with discounts and promotions to local businesses and retailers.  Check back often for updates.

    Click here to download a copy of our membership form.

    Why PTA Memberships are Important

    • PTA volunteers are working across the country to create a better school and home environment for every child.
    • Volunteering and becoming a member of PTA do not occupy the same space.
    • Every person that joins increases the strength of the local unit 10 fold – imagine a choir of voices singing. Each voice brings a different tone and sound to the chorus making it stronger and more beautiful.
    • Local and state leaders consistently come to PTA leaders to hear what PTA is saying and what PTA believes – check out the state PTA help wanted section. There are many opportunities for volunteers to sit as a PTA representative on state education related committees to share what PTA believes. The Massachusetts Board of Education has a parent seat filled by a person recommended by the PTA.
    • PTA is more than our school and fundraising. PTA is the leading voice and respected association in the country.
    • PTA is traditionally in the form of parents supporting teachers and children. Teachers help the success skyrocket by joining and supporting efforts of parent volunteers.

    When you become a member of the Muddy Brook PTA, you become a member of the state and national organization and have access to all of the resources they offer

    Benefits for individual members include – Online resources, including Our Children magazine, full of parenting tips – Electronic newsletters to keep members informed of parenting and legislative issues – Special discounts and offers from National PTA Member Benefits Providers, including FedEx Kinko’s and Barnes & Noble – Leadership training available online through e-learning courses and in-person at the National PTA Annual Convention and leadership workshops – Discounted rates for convention,Our Children magazine,and more – Member-to-Member Network, connecting PTA to Congress; and – Benefits from the individual’s state PTA.