MBE PTA Meeting Minutes 9-21-16

If you couldn’t make it to the meeting, here is what was discussed:

Download them here: MBE PTA Meeting Minutes 9-21-16

Muddy Brook Elementary School

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Minutes 9/21/2016:

Attendees: Alicia Hardy, Michaela Dohoney, Marthe Bourdon, Sue Wallace, Sarah Bourla, Emily Pilc, Mamiko Schonbeck, Erin Pacheco, Betlinn Young-Taft, Lucinda Caruso, Rachel Siegel, Nigel Parchment, Marc Hochler, Mary Berle, Randi Craft, Patty Melville, Jack Curletti, Adrienne Rynes

President Adrienne Rynes opened the meeting with a brief introduction and asked guests to introduce themselves and share an interesting fact.  The interesting facts were just that – INTERESTING!  We have woodworkers, tamale makers, bikers, banjo players, outdoor enthusiasts, and even someone who loves to create spreadsheets!

Treasurer Randi Craft introduced and reviewed the 2016/17 budget.  The budget is a concern this year. Our current expenses (field trips, teacher stipends, and in-school residencies) is greater than what we plan to take in through fundraisers and donations.  Regardless, we will still be able to cover all expenses based on the fact that we have a little over $10K in savings.  The concern is for future years.  We discussed ways to further fundraise and generate sponsors for field trips and residency programs from people in the larger community.

Principal Berle noted that a goal at Muddy Brook is for our work to be grounded in connection with each other and in collaboration with community organizations. Our shared interest on the PTA is to have healthy and happy children who are connected to each other, our cultural and physical landscape and our larger community. The PTA’s fundraising has a huge impact on Muddy Brook and the opportunities available for students to know our community. And the PTA’s work goes beyond fundraising.  Working side-by-side, members get to know each other and build a network of great relationships. We support each other. Through knowing each other and collaborating with non-profits and other organizations like the United Way we create a great school. The work we are doing collectively creates wonderful opportunities for our children and, we believe, will make their future brighter. Some community collaborations to look forward to:

  • IS183 is planning another community mural
  • The Flying Cloud residency is hoping to return
  • Health and wellness through Canyon Ranch
  • Author Jerry Pinkney will visit Muddy Brook third graders thanks to the Norman Rockwell museum. We’ll also have a field trip possibly a family event at the museum this year.

Our annual Online Auction is quickly approaching.  The auction is extremely important to the PTA as it is our number one fundraiser, typically generating over $10K each year.  The auction was started 5 years ago.  It’s all online through a company called Bidding for Good.  Bidders can go online and bid on numerous items donated from local businesses.  The auction is available to muddy brook families and nation-wide.  The auction has many volunteer positions available and many hands are needed to accomplish all that needs to get done prior to launching the auction to the public.  Contact Betlinn Young Taft or Hilary Howard, , if you’re interested in volunteering or making a tax-deductible donation to the auction.  We need volunteers to call and follow-up with donation requests.  We need runners to pick-up donations and we need support uploading items to the auction website.

Campfire Night is a new PTA event that will be held on October 14th from 6-8 PM next to the Muddy Brook playground.  There will be campfire songs and storytelling.  The PTA will sell refreshments and snacks, including individual bags of s’mores.  There will be a charge to attend Campfire Night (similar to Mud Day).  There will also be a guided moonlit hike around the Muddy Brook campus (guests can bring along flashlights and headlamps).  If you are interested in volunteering to help with campfire night, contact Adrienne, .  Campfire Night is for the entire community – families, friends, grandparents, all are welcome to attend. 

Special Olympics Awareness & School Spirit: Sue Wallace spoke about Special Olympics and its importance to our community and why she wants to spread the word about how we can get involved and ways to support the students participating.  Her hope is to get more students and families from Muddy Brook to be a part of the day.  She would like to see more kids on the field supporting the athletes.  Sue noted that teachers already do a lot for the day.  It would be nice to have a small committee to help with additional support.  We also discussed ways to sponsor athlete t-shirts.  This could be an item for our online auction.

Patty Melville would like some help in the library with stacking and sorting books.  She also needs volunteers to help organize class book closets.  Please send her an email, if you can help out with one of these roles.

Teacher appreciation: We want to show our appreciation more and would like to do something for teachers often, instead of just one week a year.

This is one of two formal PTA meetings planned for this year.  The focus will be on individual events and meetings will happen naturally as those events approach.  There are many ways to get involved and several committees that need your help.  If you’re interested in volunteering for any of these committees, please contact us, . 

Below is a complete list of committees that you can get involved with right now:

  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Special Olympics Awareness & School Spirit
  • Campfire Night
  • Online Auction
  • Mud Day
  • Community Dances
  • Game Night(s)
  • GB Holiday Stroll
  • Holiday Craft Workshop
  • Classroom Volunteers
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