Clip & Save and More Fundraising Opportunities




Clipping and saving labels from many household products you buy is another way we can earn cash or educational supplies for the school.

Collect your Box Tops, Labels for Education, and Coke Tops.



Box Tops

Box Tops are easy!! Just clip, and send them into school with your child. There will be many contests throughout the school year and the classroom with the most box tops wins a prize!! Last year, parents and students earned the school almost $1,000!!!!! That pays for a field trip!!! Below, you can find a list of products that have box tops for you to cut out and send in.

Box Top Product List

Check out the website for more information on how to earn for the school.



Tyson Project A+:

Collect labels from selected Tyson products and send them into Muddy Brook. Each label collected is worth 24¢! Make sure to send in the entire flap of the box or portion of the bag that says ‘SUPPORT YOUR SCHOOL’.  The money we raise can go towards buying books, art supplies, computers or anything else our school needs.

Recoger las etiquetas de determinados productos de Tyson y enviarlos en Muddy Brook. Cada etiqueta recogidos vale 24¢! Asegúrese de enviar toda la tapa de la caja o la parte de la bolsa que dice ‘Support’ de su escuela. Elevamos el dinero puede ir hacia la compra de libros, material de arte, ordenadores o cualquier otra cosa nuestra escuela necesita.

My Coke Rewards for Schools:

Save the caps and codes from 15 Coke brands including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Dasani Water, Minute Maid Lemonade, Nestea, Seagram’s, and Powerade.  Donate your points online or send the bottle caps and packaging codes into school.  Coke has teamed with Kula and rewards points are turned in to cash for Muddy Brook.

Guardar los tapones y códigos de 15 marcas de coque como Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Dasani agua, limonada Minute Maid, Nestea, Seagram’s, y Powerade. Done sus puntos en línea o enviar los tapones de botella y códigos de empaque en la escuela. Coca-cola se ha asociado con Kula y recompensas de puntos se convierten en dinero en efectivo para Muddy Brook.

Price Chopper:  Tools for Schools:

Register Muddy Brook as your school of choice at Price Chopper.  Each time you use your AdvantEdge Card the school earns a portion of your total. Sign up at the store or online by clicking ‘Savings’ on the menu bar and finding ‘Tools for Schools.’  Use school code 14070.

Regístrese Muddy Brook como su escuela de elección al Price Chopper. Cada vez que utilice su tarjeta AdvantEdge la escuela gana una porción de tu total. Regístrese en la tienda o en línea haciendo clic en el “ahorro” en la barra de menú y encontrar “Herramientas para escuelas.” Use school código 14070

A+  School Rewards:

Register Muddy Brook as your school of choice at Stop & Shop.   Help earn a share of the $330,000 awarded monthly.  Purchase any “HEALTHY IDEAS” item and earn triple points.  Use school code 06771 when enrolling.

Regístrese Muddy Brook como su escuela de elección en Stop & Shop. Ayudar a ganar una cuota de 330.000 dólares otorgados mensualmente. Comprar cualquier “ideas sanas” y ganar el triple de puntos. Use school código 06771 al inscribirse.